Tarmac Driveway Cleaning Services

Tarmac Driveway Cleaning Services

Tarmac is one of the most reliable and popular driveway surfacing materials, but like any other surface material it can become a breeding ground for moss and algae growth.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions to keep your tarmac looking just as pristine as when it was first laid. These tips will keep the surface looking like new and shield it from potential damages in the future.

1. Sweep

Sweeping is one of the most efficient ways to keep a driveway clean. It can also be used on other surfaces prone to dust, dirt and debris buildup. Not only does sweeping remove these common nuisances but it helps uncover any small stains beneath them as well.

Furthermore, it helps prevent the buildup of algae and mildew on the surface, which can be an irritating nuisance and lead to various health problems such as respiratory difficulties.

Sweeping can help prevent the return of moss and other unwanted growth, making it a great way to keep your tarmac driveway looking like new.

Once or twice a month, use a push broom to sweep away any loose debris that has settled on top. Doing this helps prevent algae growth and keeps your tarmac driveway looking new.

It is also essential to clean up any puddles or standing water, as this will prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.

If there are oil spills or other automotive fluids on your asphalt, they should be promptly cleaned up to prevent any lasting damage to your driveway. Not doing so could actually cause the asphalt to deteriorate and soften over time.

Tarmac driveway cleaning services will have the necessary equipment and know what products are safe to use on asphalt. They know exactly how to tackle these stains and dirt without damaging the surface.

When selecting the ideal sweeper for your needs, look for one that can handle the size and type of surface you have. Furthermore, ensure the sweeper you select has sufficient power to complete the task at hand and features a range of brushes suitable for different surfaces.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal sweeper, be sure to wear safety glasses while operating it. Doing so will shield your eyes from flying debris and ricochets.

McRae’s can help keep your asphalt driveway in top condition, no matter the issue. Contact us today for a free quote and let’s get started!

2. Scrub

Tarmac is a popular surface material for driveways and paths due to its hard-wearing durability. But like any surface, it needs regular cleaning in order to prevent stains and fade. Here are some methods you can use quickly and effectively to get the job done.

Bleaching is an effective method for eliminating any moss or algae on your asphalt driveway. Just be careful as it could harm nearby plants, pets and even humans!

You could also pour boiling water on any moss or algae growths to help kill them off. After that, take a stiff-bristled brush and scrub away at them!

If you have an oil-based stain on your asphalt, spray penetrating oils like WD-40 or Liquid Wrench may help eliminate it. Be mindful that these chemicals are highly effective but toxic; thus be cautious when applying them.

Another option is to mix diluted white vinegar with water to dissolve oily substances and make them easier to wipe away with a brush. You could also try mixing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to increase the cleaning power of your degreaser.

When selecting a degreaser for your tarmac, there are several different types available. Some are designed for concrete or paved drives and could damage your surface. Furthermore, check the label before buying as some degreasers contain corrosives which could rust your pavement!

Finally, another option is to use a soft wash product on your asphalt. Benz Bio Cleanze is often recommended for this task; however, make sure you first scrape or pressure wash away any heavy moss present before applying the cleaner.

Alternatively, you can try using a chemical-based cleaner to eliminate mould and algae from your tarmac. Knockout is an ideal option as it does both jobs simultaneously; however, always wash the tarmac with detergent after using it.

3. Rinse

The final step in tarmac driveway cleaning services is to rinse away the surface with water. This is accomplished using a garden hose and high pressure stream, guaranteeing that all detergent has been rinsed away along with any stains or dirt particles.

This method is an excellent way to remove stubborn dirt and stains without harming the surface of your driveway. In fact, it may even be more effective than pressure washing – making it well worth giving a try!

Rinsing can also be beneficial when it comes to eliminating weeds from your driveway, as pressure washing them may prove challenging. Weeds tend to grow into small gaps in the surface of tarmac which make it harder for the hose to reach and clean them effectively.

When rinsing the driveway, it’s essential to use the correct pressure. Start with low and gradually increase it as needed; this will help avoid washing too much detergent into nearby flower beds.

Stains on a driveway can take many forms, such as paint, oil and rust. These are particularly difficult to remove manually if you’re scrubbing your driveway with an electric scrubber.

To remove these stains, you can try using either a bleach and water solution or strong detergent. Let them sit for around 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

Another effective solution to remove tarmac stains is Wet & Forget Rapid. This product has been specifically designed to remove algae from the surface of tarmac and it’s user-friendly with an integrated nozzle that allows you to cover a large area in just 10 minutes.

Wet & Forget is ideal for driveways because it can be applied to a variety of surfaces without risking harm to pets or children. Furthermore, it provides excellent curb appeal by helping keep your driveway looking its best.

4. Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is an excellent way to take away stains and restore your driveway’s luster. Additionally, it helps protect the asphalt from damage while increasing the curb appeal of your home.

When using a pressure washer, be sure to select the appropriate nozzle for your specific needs. Doing so will guarantee even water distribution across your driveway and prevent any potential damage from occurring.

Before beginning pressure washing, it’s essential to clear away all items around your driveway that could be damaged by the spray. This includes both personal belongings and anything else located close by the area you plan to clean.

Once all debris has been cleared away, start the pressure washing process by attaching a high-pressure nozzle to your pressure washer. Set it on its highest setting and position yourself upwind from where you will be spraying; this will shield you from getting sprayed while working and keep you safe.

Once attached, use high-pressure spray to eliminate any moss that may be on your driveway. Be sure to hold the nozzle at a 45 degree angle for best results.

A professional tarmac driveway cleaning service can use a pressure washer to effectively eliminate moss from your driveway as well as other debris, like dirt, salt or even rust.

Professional pressure washing of your driveway will give it a shiny, new look and increase its longevity. A trained eye can also detect any potential issues that might occur as a result of pressure washing, such as damaged surfaces or cracks that could have occurred due to ineffective repair attempts.

By having your tarmac professionally inspected and cleaned by a professional, you can increase the value of your property as well as its curb appeal. To ensure you get the most value out of your money, select a company with extensive experience in providing these types of services. This way, you’ll know you are hiring experts who know what they’re doing; additionally, having peace of mind that they will do an excellent job increases over time.

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