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Thank you for visiting our website.Our company was voted the number one stop shop for driveway, patio, decking, cobblelock, window and gutter cleaning services in Dublin Meath and Kildare.Our company only uses state of the art driveway cleaning equipment which you can check out by clicking HERE.Maguire greenclean services offer a wide range of cleaning services including: Graffiti removal gutter and industrial pressure cleaning but mainly focus on patio, driveway and decking cleaning during the spring and summer months. We also provide a professional window cleaning service through out Dublin, Meath and Kildare click HERE.Is your driveway over grown with algae and weeds? Is there oil stains and fading colours all over your driveway? Well look no further Maguire Greenclean Services are the number one driveway cleaning professionals in dublin.In just a few hours we will transform your driveway to its full glory. 

When people approach your home,what is the first thing they generally notice ?You may not realise what a big difference a clean driveway or patio can make.Allow us to take the strain out of sprucing up your driveway.Nobody wants to spend the day killing off  weeds,moss and algae,however with our high pressure jet washers,Maguire Greenclean Services will put in time and effort required to improve the appearance of your driveway or patio and can assure you a worthwhile investment.


Every year when the season changes, that time of year comes round again where home owners attention turns to getting their property’s in the best condition for spring and summer.Maguire Greenclean Services Offer professional driveway and patio cleaning.                                                                   

Driveway cleaning and patio cleaning are two projects that often appear on peoples to do lists. Over time a driveway or patio can get affected by dirt and grime, so regular or at least yearly maintenance is required to keep your driveway or garden patio clean. Driveway cleaning and patio cleaning are different projects and need to be tackled differently. Here in Ireland the weather isn’t great and is a constant help to weeds and moss growing on driveways and patios. 

Driveway cleaning is certainly a regular practise, Block paving and patio flags cleaned up give the property a new lease of life and improve the garden. The best and most productive method for cleaning concrete block paving and patio flags is to high pressure clean them; this removes all ingrained dirt, weeds, moss and algae. Some patios that are cleaned have to be re pointed because the joints may well be crumbling. For driveway cleaning in dublin there are many company’s to choose from but only a few that will do a good job. It is the same for patio cleaning in dublin

Maguire Greenclean Services has expertise in driveway sealing, patio sealing and sealing block paving. We have expert knowledge in how to clean with the best results. Sealing all types of paving is highly recommended for long term great appearance. 


 MGC have been cleaning driveways and decking in dublin and surrounding areas for the last 15 years so its safe to say we know a thing or two when it comes to pressure cleaning. Your driveway or decking is just like your kitchen floor over time if not cleaned alot of dirt and bacteria build up on the surface,well folks your driveway and decking is no different!So dont waste your time with cowboy compaines who claim to offer ridiculous cleaning solutions when in fact they will be doing more damage to your driveway than when before they started. Then you the customer end up having to pay more to have it done properly.Our main goal is to work with you as a customer step by step through out the cleaning process and were is needed we will be more than happy to give professional advice.We can come to your property and give your a few quote with no obligation,our staff are fully insured and trained.    

Unless wooden decking is  looked after on a regular basis it can become  hazard in the garden. It can be avoided by cleaning the wood with specially designed decking cleaning equipment. Our jet washing machines will clean the the surface without damaging the wood itself we can then reseal with anti slip coatings to make it safe again.The anti slip coatings also enhance and protect the wood.Decks are a very popular, simple and cost effective way to extend the living space of your home. Your deck should make it enjoyable to spend time outside, day or night. They also add to the home and extend the entertainment and outdoor dining. Like everything else around your home decks are subject to the damaging effects of moisture and prolonged exposure to the elements.A deck that is not cared for properly often turns a dull grey color. The degradation is caused by dirt, moss, algae, and plant debris. This soon begins to break down the surface of the planks. Splinters form, creating a rougher surface that is even more inviting to dirt and plants.Before long, you have a dingy deck that's treacherous when wet and riddled with splinte .


Below is a list of areas we cover in Dublin.North Dublin,South Dublin,West Dublin.                                

The cleaning process

The driveway cleaning process is done in 4 stages using high pressure rotary washing discs delivering up to 5000 psi off pressure.STAGE 1.A member of staff will asses your driveway looking for any oil stains or discoloration.We then use an environmentally friendly cleaning solution to treat the affected area.STAGE 2.Using our state of the art driveway cleaning equipment we hot steam pressure wash the whole driveway removing any weeds, algae, stains etc.....STAGE 3.After we clean and rinse the driveway we then leave it to fully dry out.When the area has fully dried we use kindle dried sand to brush into the joints between the blocks.STAGE 4.A clear sealant is then sprayed over the whole driveway protecting the joints from weather and further weed growth. It really is that simple!            


About us

We are reliable professionals with over 15 years of experince.We listen to our customers and work with them on a one to one basis.Maguire Greenclean Services pride ourselves in delivering an excellent cleaning service to all our clients in dublin and surrounding counties.Due to strict new government rules coming into effect this year on water usage.Maguire Greenclean have there own on board water supplies in all our vans .Our vans also have an on board re-cycling system which allows us to recapture 60% Off the water used at the start up period.Thus making us very environmentally friendly.      



You name it and we can do it.With an experinced staff working around the clock,you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right!We also offer roof cleaning to our clients. Our team have been inundated with calls from customers seeking to have them old roof tiles restored to that rich red look once again. 



Decking Cleaning Service 

We specialize in stripping, cleaning and sealing wood decking, playsets and fences. No other company in Dublin has more experience or knowledge than Maguire Greenclean Services. We fix problems that other companies can't fix   


We use brand professional grade cleaning products to clean and brighten your wood. After your decking has thoroughly dried, we seal it using Superdeck professional grade exterior semi-transparent stain. Superdeck stain for pressure treated wood is a one-coat system that offers superior protection from sun and water damage. Superdeck's base of quality Tung and Linseed oils penetrate deep in to the wood fibers, bonding and creating a durable water barrier. 

This resulting bond provides moisture protection while allowing the wood to breathe naturally. Superdeck acts like millions of tiny sunglasses that shade and protect your wood from the harmful effects of the environment. Superdeck for pressure treated wood offers seven beautiful and subtle wood tones that will penetrate and convert the green tint of pressure treated wood to natural wood tones by highlighting the wood's grain and texture. 



We started with just two employess,working out of a small trailer.Allows these years later,we have 10 employess and 5 vans on the road,but our passion and dedication remain strong.Our driveway cleaning staff will go that extra mile for you as the customer.Working with us ,you will find we still stay true to our roots and will not be beaten on quality or prices.So fell free to ring or leave a comment and a member of staff will gladly answer all your questions.